They are encouraging employers  not to hire me.


The Barton Law Firm sues employers who blacklist current

or former employees.

Here are legal citations and information you might find helpful:

Washington State:


RCW 49.44.010 (Blacklisting - penalty);

RCW 49.60.180 (Unfair employment practices);

Moore v Commercial Aircraft Interiors, 168 Wn.App. 502 (2012);

Dick v. N. Pac. Ry. Co., 86 Wash. 211, 221 (1915).

King County:


KCC 12.18.030 (D) (Unfair employment practices; unincorporated King County only).

KCC 12.18.085 (Private right to action; unincorporated King County only).




SMC 14.04.040 (B,F) (Unfair employment practices).