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They have to give us advance warning before starting this kind of layoff.

Layoffs and Reductions in the Work Force

The Barton Law Firm sues employers who layoff workers without providing those workers legally required advance notice of the layoffs.

Here are legal citations and information you might find helpful:



29 U.S.C. 2101–2109 (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act).

Washington State:


WAC 357-46 (Layoff and Separation; state employees only);

WAC 357-46-025 (Layoff notice - employees; state employees only);

WAC 357-46-185 (Layoff notice - probationary employees; state employees only);

WAC 357-46-066 (Layoff notice - temporary layoff; state employees only).

King County:


KCC 3.12.300 (Reductions in Force; county employees only).

Snohomish County:


SCC 3A.10 (Separation and layoff policy; county employees only).



SMC 4.04.220 (Layoff; city employees only).

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