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I work as hard as the men do. My work is just as good. But I earn less.

Denied Equal Pay for Women

The Barton Law Firm sues employers who fail to pay

women equal pay.

Here are legal citations and information you might find helpful:


Federal Equal Pay Act, 29 U.S.C. 206(d) (Minimum wage - sex discrimination).


Washington State:


RCW 49.58.20 (Wage discrimination - gender);

WPI 330.01 (Disparate treatment);

WPI 330.03 (Disparate impact).

King County:


KCC 12.18.030 (Unfair employment practices; unincorporated King County only).


Pierce County:


PCC 13.16.010 (Equal Employment Opportunity; county employees only).


Snohomish County:


SCC 2.460.070(3) (Unlawful Discrimination by Employers).




SMC 14.04.040 (Unfair employment practices).

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