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Who and How We Serve:

The Barton Law Firm is committed to being the best law firm it can be. That doesn't mean being the biggest or most profitable firm, but rather one we can be proud of. We believe in fighting for the small guy; serving and advocating on behalf of individuals, not corporations. Employees and individuals have less resources than the large corporations they want to fight against. Knowing this, The Barton Law Firm is dedicated to providing the most thorough and best possible service to each and every one of its clients. We promise to treat each and every case we are given with care, accountability, and transparency. Our clients are people with lives, stories, and families. We believe our work should reflect that, treating every person we help with dignity and respect.

Training for Excellence:

The Barton Law Firm has a firm commitment to training and supporting the next generation of legal professionals. The legal profession is difficult to enter for individuals who have fewer resources and little support. Even attending or applying to law school requires a large amount of time, money, and academic support. Recognizing this, The Barton Law Firm is committed to hiring and training pre-law students or fresh legal graduates to give them the resources they need to pursue their chosen profession.

Diversity and Inclusion:

The Barton Law Firm is committed to diversity and inclusion within the legal field. The legal profession is still primarily populated by individuals of privileged backgrounds and identities. It is hard for people who are of racial/ethnic minorities, who are female, who are LGBTQ, and who come from lower socio-economic backgrounds to enter the legal profession. As an equal opportunity employer, The Barton Law Firm seeks to give all individuals the chance to advance within the legal profession. The Barton Law Firm is also committed to being accessible to communities which normally find it difficult to gain legal representation. By working tirelessly for our clients, The Barton Law Firm makes sure the law protects communities as it should.

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